Soothing Refreshing Leg Gel123

Refreshing tissue draining gel

Sore, aching legs

This mentholated gel instantly wraps your legs in a sensation of intense, long-lasting freshness. The feeling of heavy and tired legs disappears. Your legs feel toned and light again.

How to Use

Apply to legs several times a day, particularly in the evening. Gently massage into skin, starting at sole of the foot and working upwards to the top of the thigh.

Helpful Tips

Place product tube in the refrigerator 15 Mins prior to application use for extreme cooling effect.

Use product as a massage medium for tired, aching feet.

Apply medium to thick layer, as a foot mask alternative and wrap feet with cool cloth for 10 Mins.

Key Active Ingredients

Menthol and Camphor:
Refreshes and reduces the sensation of tired, heavy legs.

Essential oils:
Soothes, softens and regenerates.


Horse Chestnut:
Improves microcirculation.