Multi Cellulites Contouring Cream123

Contouring cream that fights all types of cellulite

Effective on all types of cellulite (adipose, aqueous, fibrous), this cream diminishes the ‘orange peel’ aspect and visibly smoothes away dimpled skin.

How to Use

Apply to targeted areas, morning and evening. Massage into skin with hands until fully absorbed.

Helpful Tips

Apply directly after shower or bath.

Apply to targeted areas after a shower alternating water from hot to cold every 1 min for 5 mins.

Use easy exfoliating scrub with exfoliating mitts vigorously on the target areas in the shower, prior to application.

Apply daily morning and Evening.

Eliminate lifestyle habits that could also be contributing to the concern.

Key Active Ingredients

Fights against hyperplastic adipose cellulite.

Caffeine and Lipase:
Fights against hypertrophic adipose cellulite.

Cherry Stem Extract:
Fights against aqueous cellulite.

Fights against fibrous cellulite.